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Every episode we’ll delve deep to explore what is most occupying their thoughts as they attempt to lead teams, organisations and major initiatives that are changing the world. What do they dream about, what keeps them awake at night, what gets them out of bed in the morning; what are their biggest fears and ambitions for the future? What are they learning about leadership – and themselves. Where do they find the greatest cause for hope ..

Hosted by Joe Jenkins

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Ep12 – Series Roundup: On The Mind Of Social Leaders in 2020

In this final episode of the first OTMO series, host Joe Jenkins reflects back on the 11 conversations with 11 extraordinary social leaders through 2020.  Recognising that the episodes were all recorded online against the backdrop of the global pandemic, inevitably COVID-19 cast a shadow across all the conversations - setting an incredible test for every leader and organisation.  Yet throughout the series, Joe was struck by the ways in which every leader stepped up to the challenge. Appreciating the diversity of guests, bringing a refreshing breadth and depth of perspectives, Joe draws out 5 key leadership themes and concerns that emerged consistently throughout the series: 1) the use of … [Full Show Notes & Resources...] about Ep12 – Series Roundup: On The Mind Of Social Leaders in 2020